Batch image upload and annotation is finally working again

The Scratchpads Team has finally rolled out a working solution for batch image upload and annotation, after an unfortunate hiatus of well over a year. I have therefore recently been able to start uploading specimens again, and hope to find some more time for this in the near future.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the users that have either sent me worms or images of worms, and who had hoped that these specimens would go online soon. I hope this will happen soon.

However, there is still no solution to deal with movie (or audio) files in the same workflow (although I am glad to report that the Scratchpads Team has promised that this will be addressed in the .d7 upgrade in early 2012). I will therefore no longer make the separate static 'Images and Movies' pages for each specimen, because they simply take too much time to create. So the movies will have to wait for this upgrade (while I'll of course keep the existing static pages of earlier specimens in the meantime).

I think the solution that the Scratchpads Team has come up with, which they call the SlickGrid, is a good one. Some of you may have seen that I have removed the right sidebar. I mainly did this to accommodate larger width of he SlickGrid table.

Happy worming!



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