Ultrastructure of copulatory organs in Turbellaria: 1. Macrostomum sp. and Microstomum sp. (Macrostomida)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1982

The copulatory organs in Macrostomum sp. and Microstomum sp. contain simple tubular stylets which are intracellular specializations. The stylet in Macrostomum sp. is produced in a syncytium covering part of the prostatic vesicle. The proximal region of the stylet surrounds the vesicle which contains 6 prostatic gland ducts and 6 accessory (sensory) cells containing ciliary rootlets. The stylet in Microstomum sp. is produced in an extension of a syncytium which lines the combined seminal-prostatic vesicle. The stylet is connected to the combined vesicle by a narrow bridge of matrix syncytium through which sperm, prostatic gland products and sensory cilia pass from the vesicle to the stylet lumen. In both species the matrix syncytium can be interpreted as a specialized terminal end of the male canal epithelium. Stylets of Turbellaria and other lower Metazoa are discussed in regards to structure (1 or several pieces) and location (in separate cells, in a syncytium or extracellular).



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