The marine flora and fauna of the Isles of Scilly: Free-living Plathelminthes ('Turbellaria')

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Faubel, Warwick
Journal:Journal of Natural History
Type of Article:article

Archimacrostomum sublitorale n. sp.
Bradynectes scilliensis n. sp.
Paromalostomum scilliensis n. sp.
Microstomum papillosum
Microstomum jenseni
Haplopharynx rostratus
Macrostomum sp.
Bradynectes scheldtensis Martens & Schockaert 1981 (which is not described under that name by those authors, but as the Scheldt-form of Bradynectes sterreri)
Bradynectes syltensis Faubel 1974 (which is not described under that name by that author, but as the Sylt-form of Bradynectes sterreri)
Hitherto only three turbellarian species have been recorded from the Isles of Scilly, Oligocladus sanguinolentus (Quatrefages 1845), Prostheceraeus vittatus (Montagu 1815) and Leptoplana tremellaris (Muller 1773). A taxonomic collection survey in May 2002 revealed 67 species of Turbellaria. Among these, 46 species are known to science and could be determined because of their sexual maturity. Six species are new to science. The new genus Scillyvortex gen. nov. is established within the Provorticidae (Dalyelliida). Two species could only be taxonomically determined to genus level, Prognathorhynchus sp. and Polycystis sp. (Polycystis naegelii group, Kalyptorhynchia). Fifteen species (Proseriata six species, Kalyptorhynchia four species, Dalyelliida two species and Acoela, Macrostomida and Typhloplanida one species) were juveniles and could not be determined to species level. Pelophila lutheri is transferred to the family Convolutidae (Acoela) based on the presence of a cirrus of duplex type. Pelophila pachymorpha is given the status of type species of the new genus Pelochildia gen. nov. Remarks are given for all the known species that display varying degrees of difference from their original description.



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