Information for New Users

Dear New User,

Since we have been receiving many bogus user registrations, I have decided that only administrators can register new users. So please send an email to the maintainer if you are a bona fide flatworm researcher and want to get a user account on this site. Sorry for the inconvenience. Once you have been registered on (this could take a few days), this page explains some of the basic features of the site.

The system has several different levels of users:

- anonymous users are people that simply visit the site coming from the internet
- authenticated users are like you: they have registered, but they have not yet communicated that they want to contribute content
- contributors can contribute content
- editors can alter content that was contributed by contributors
- maintainers can edit most aspects of the site (that is my role at the moment)

With your registration you have become a contributor and after logging in you can perform a number of activities on the site.

However, this will require you to make changes to the site and you will therefore need to understand in more detail how the site works. You can find a lot of this information on the site.

To experiment with this documentation please initially use the so-called Sandbox (a special scratchpad for testing) where you can make all the changes you want without causing any damage. Only start uploading information to once you have understood a bit what you are doing. 

Please contact me if you have question.



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