Ups and Downs of the Drupal 6 upgrade

The software running the scratchpads was updated in autumn 2009 and it has improved a number of things:

- the image galleries now sort images by file name, which means that date-stamped image files are displayed in the correct order; this may eventually allow to get rid of the separate manually assembled specimen pages, if the image galleries are upgraded to allow the display of movies

- the Administer functions that are visible by default have been simplified, which will new help users to get started

Unfortunately it has also led to a number of problems with some core functionality of the site:

- most importantly, the batch image annotation function is broken, which now only allows to annotate individual images; this is a big problem, especially for well-documented specimens with many pictures

- initially the maximum upload size for images was set 800KB, which is too small for high quality pictures; this has been raised considerably in the meantime.

- also, the specimens and locations tabs had disappeared, and it took me surprisingly long to figure out how to recreate them; this is fixed now, however

I you encounter things that do not work as expected, please let me know.



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