Some thoughts on the 'Monograph' of Anno Faubel

About a year ago Anno Faubel of the University of Hamburg, Germany, posted a PDF document on his website, entitled 'Monograph of the Macrostomida and Haplopharyngida (Plathelminthes: Rhabditophora)'. This document offers the most comprehensive literature collection on the Macrostomorpha since Ferguson's monograph in 1954. Moreover, it gives a detailed introduction to the morphology and ecology of these animals, and a list of the described species. It is thus a highly useful resource for anyone interested in the Macrostomorpha.

However, given its current state (undated, unpublished, and most importantly, not peer reviewed), the document in my view can not be considered a taxonomical monograph of the Macrostomorpha, despite the extensive taxonomical additions and revisions that it proposes (one new family, nine new genera, and generic replacement of numerous previously named species). The fact that Dr. Faubel has in the meantime retired, makes it difficult to deal with this document, as this probably reduces the probability that there will be a properly published version.

My suggestion therefore is that we should benefit from this document to learn about the Macrostomorpha in general, and about the relevant literature in particular, but that we should ignore all the proposed taxonomical additions and revisions contained in it, until they are published in an acceptable form in the primary taxonomical literature.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback from the flatworm community on this issue.



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