PDF of the 'Monograph' of Anno Faubel removed from the site

Anno Faubel has today asked me via email to please remove the PDF file of his unpublished 'Monograph'. I of course regret that such a useful document will no longer be available to the general public, especially as his website at the University of Hamburg, were I originally discovered the Monograph, seems no longer functional.

And while I am of course willing to acknowledge the concerns that he has voiced with respect to copyright issues, I would also like to make it clear that I do not fully share them. Dr. Faubel also mentioned potential issues linked to 'version control' if he should update his document.

Dr. Faubel has further informed me that he sees no problem if I keep using the PDF file for private purposes (for which I am of course grateful), and so I would be happy to share the PDF with any flatworm researcher who would like to study this highly useful resource. Please just drop me an email.



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