Site upgrade to Scratchpads v2.0 breaks some functionality

Today the site has been upgraded to the new Scratchpads v2.0 version, which unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, has broken numerous functions of the site. Given a range of other obligations, I expect that it will take me several months to get to know the new site functionality and to sort these problems out, so please be patient.

I have actually been rather disillusioned  with the Scratchpads team for forcing yet more changes onto its users. For people like me, who only use the site rather sporadically, these frequent upgrades are highly disruptive. I have therefore also stepped down as a Scratchpads Ambassador some months ago, as I am no longer convinced that these sites will be as useful as I used to think for sharing taxonomic content online. I will have to see what of the original functionality can be rescued, but I already know that there will be some casualties.

Cheers, Lukas.

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