Neue Plathelminthes aus dem Brackwasser der Insel Sylt (Nordsee)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1987
Authors:Armonies, Hellwig
Journal:Microfauna Marina
Type of Article:article

5 new species of free-living Plathelminthes are described from supralittoral salt marshes and the intertidal-supralittoral transition belt of the island of Sylt (North Sea). Macrostomum bicurvistyla, M. brevituba, Placorhynchus tetraculeatus, and Zonorhynchus pipettiferus belong to well known genera. The genus Moevenbergia (Promesostomidae, Brinkmanniellinae) with the type-species M. una differs fromm all known genera of Brinkmanniellinae in having paired receptacula seminis and lacking a bursa copulatrix destinctly separated from the atrium genitale.


Macrostomum bicurvistyla n. sp.
Macrostomum brevituba n. sp.

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